We have spent a 2 week vacation with my kids (5 and 7) on Bali living in the villa from Karl and Linda. I can highly recommend staying in this beautiful house. Not only is the house located on a very nice location directly at the beach, the staff is absolutely fantastic! Ayu is a great cook and she was so nice with our children! Mega does a splendid job on the garden and the pool and if you like to go to the gym he is more then happy to take you there to work out! Made is a very reliable driver and knows a lot about the island. In short the staff is really service focused and will do anything in their power to make your stay an absolute dream. I never travel back to the same location twice as the world has too much to offer but in this case I am actually considering going back as we had such a great time. Karl and Linda are real professional very well organized. They supplied me with all the needed information prior to arrival on Bali (location of restaurants, doctor, hospital dentist, and all kind of phone numbers) not that we needed any medical assistance but it was reassuring to know all the information is available. So for anyone that is not looking for mass tourism, crowded streets and too much traffic this is the place to be!! The local people from the village near by are all super friendly and helpful. I can't think of anything I would have liked to have seen different. From here a big thank you to Karl and Linda and their great staff!