The beauty of this villa from entry to exit and top to bottom make up an environment that is so relaxing that one never needs, wants, or has to leave. The fact that the beach had to be cleaned everyday and is not a swimming beach is a non-factor because the pool and the grounds are so beautiful. Ayu and the staff fed and watered us such that our only decisions were poolside or seaside, water, juice, or cocktail, and reading, games or meditation. Oh, and to order a massage or not to order a massage. Abundant fresh fruit, coffee, eggs and toast greeted us every morning and traditional dishes or our requested meals were delicious and delightful every evening. One evening, a fisherman stopped by and offered us the catch of the day, a 2.5kg lobster. It went well with the chicken we had marinating for the BBQ that night! The pictures on the web indeed do this villa justice. The feng shui of the property and the friendliness of the staff create such a relaxed and beautiful place to reflect and recharge that it is a superb value.