Frequently Asked Questions

How far is PJR from the Airport (DPS)?

The villa is located on the north coast of Bali, approximately 3 hours drive from Denpasar airport.

Do I need a visa to enter Indonesia?

As long as your passport is valid for at least 6 months, a tourist visa is issued free of charge on arrival at the airport for most nationalities. It is valid for 30 days and non-extendable. Alternatively, you may pay for your Visa On Arrival ($35) and extend it at an Immigration Office in Bali for a further 30 days; OR apply for a visa before you leave home by contacting the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

What money should I bring?

The local currency is the Indonesia Rupiah (IDR or Rp). If you wish to exchange foreign notes in Bali, they should be clean, new and crisp. Indonesian banks and money changers will not accept old notes or notes which are damaged in any way. You can also use your credit or debit card at ATM machines in town to withdraw Rupiah. It is advisable to inform your bank or credit card company that you will be visiting Indonesia prior to your departure, as it is not uncommon for the bank to put a block on the card if they suspect it has been misappropriated. Travelers cheques can be cashed at money changers in Lovina.

What's the cost of hiring a porter at the airport?

If you hire a porter to help retrieve your luggage and bring it to your car, the cost is around Rp10,000 per bag. Wait until the porter brings the bags to your car before paying him.

Is there a departure tax at the airport?

The Departure Tax fee is now included in your ticket price.

Is there malaria and dengue fever in the region?

There are mosquitos in Bali and although there are no reported cases of malaria, this is not so with dengue fever. We do recommend you bring plenty of repellent and appropriate clothing and that you consult with your doctor before your trip for the most up-to-date advice on recommended vaccinations.

Is it safe to drink water from the tap?

Although tap water is fine for brushing your teeth and to cook with, we recommend you drink only bottled drinking water. Small bottles are provided in the villa bathrooms and there is a large drinking water dispenser in the kitchen (hot and cold).

What is the voltage at the villa?

Voltage in Indonesia is 220v.  The villa has universal adaptors which accept plugs from most countries.

When is the best time of year to scuba dive in Bali?

Due to prevailing weather conditions, the best months for diving north Bali are April-October, which is also the dry season. We can recommend a local dive operator in Lovina.

Is it safe to drive in Bali?

We always recommend that our driver pick you up and take you to the villa, as it can be difficult to find. Although he can help you rent a car once you arrive, if you have not driven in Bali before, we do not recommend it, as the road rules are very different from those abroad and in some cases there are no rules at all, so it can be a very stressful and dangerous experience. You are required to hold an International Driver’s License and typically rental cars do not come with insurance. If you have an accident, as a foreigner it is automatically your fault and you will be expected to pay for any damage or hospital fees incurred by both parties.

For not much more money, you can rent a car with driver and he can take you on tours of the island or into Lovina or Singaraja for shopping or to restaurants (for example Made, our driver, charges Rp 200,000 to go to Lovina & back, Rp 250,000 to Singaraja & back (no time limit) or Rp 600,000 for one-way airport transfer or full day tour.

If you are making your own way from the airport to a hotel in the south of Bali before coming to the villa, go to the Airport Taxi stand where you will see fixed prices listed to nearby destinations. If you do not use an Airport Taxi, you will probably be grossly overcharged.

Is catering available at the villa?

Guests have a well-equipped kitchen at their disposal, with 3 gas burners, microwave, toaster, hot water dispenser, blender/grinder, filter coffee maker, as well as cooking utensils, cutlery & crockery. There is also a gas BBQ grill on the patio. There is a basic supply of herbs, spices & sauces which guests are welcome to use.

Alternatively, our maid, Ayu, can cook for you, a rate of Rp 25,000 (circa $2/€2) per person per day applies (exclusive of ingredients), payable directly to her at the end of your stay.

What about gratiuities?

If you think our staff do a good job, please reward them – tips are greatly appreciated and can be paid directly to the staff.